Bows are back! From Cute to Controversial, the Trend That Won't Quit

Move over minimalism, bows are taking over! Once a symbol of femininity and childhood, they're having a major fashion moment, but with a twist. We're not just talking cute hair bows anymore.

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This trend started with the rise of the "girl power" aesthetic, with playful touches like "girl math" and "hot girl summer." Designers like Sandy Liang and Simone Rocha embraced the trend, with Liang's stacked hair bows becoming a TikTok sensation. Viktor & Rolf took things even further, dressing Jodie Turner-Smith in a giant bow for a red carpet appearance.


Jodie Turner-Smith Wears Giant Bow and No Pants on Red Carpet But bows are more than just frilly and sweet. A new generation of designers are using them to challenge traditional ideas of femininity. Chopova Lowena incorporates them into their edgy punk pieces, while Kei Ninomiya uses them to create bondage-inspired tops. Even footwear isn't safe – Kiko Kostadinov's bow-embellished boots are a cult favorite. This trend is about more than just fashion. It's about seeing the world through a female lens and exploring the complexities of femininity. Designers are using bows to create a conversation about gender, sexuality, and strength. So next time you see a bow, don't just think "cute" – think about the power it holds.

 At Eyva Rose Accessories, we're embracing the bow trend in a way that feels luxurious and empowering. Our new Bow Style Closure Pillowcases are crafted from the finest satin, a fabric known for its incredible softness and hair-care benefits. The delicate bow detail adds a touch of whimsy and femininity, without sacrificing sophistication. It's the perfect way to incorporate this trend into your daily routine, indulging in a touch of playful luxury every night.

We believe the "girl power" aesthetic extends to self-care, and our pillowcases are a reminder that taking care of yourself is both powerful and beautiful. So slip into a silk dream with a statement bow, and celebrate the multifaceted nature of femininity.
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